Game-changing Raffles feature now seamlessly integrated into the PTA Events platform.

Empowering Schools, Parent Teacher Associations, Clubs, Charities and local communities to run fully managed prize competitions and ticket sales.

Why is this a game-changer?

Because not only is this new feature fully integrated into your very own PTA Events Website, ensuring an effortless and unified experience, but it also enhances the fundraising potential for both current and new members of the PTA Events community.

Current PTA Events organisations can leverage their existing setup, effortlessly integrating these new features to elevate their fundraising game and for those considering joining the PTA Events family? There’s never been a better time. With this all-encompassing suite of tools, your organisation will be equipped to host engaging events, manage seamless ticketing, coordinate volunteers, and now, run exciting competitions – all under one digital roof.


Already registered?

With the new raffles feature seamlessly integrated into all our platforms, there’s never been a better time to log in to your admin area and add your prize draw. Simply browse to "Admin" > "Events" > "Add Event from Template" > "Raffle (Online)" to get your raffle up and running within minutes.


Click here to download your FREE PTA Events Raffles and Prize Draw how-to guide, with information and inspirational ideas to get you started fundraising today.


Frequently asked questions

Raffles can be highly effective fundraising tools, as they offer a low-cost entry for participants with the allure of winning great prizes. This encourages broader community participation, helping to raise significant funds for your cause or organisation and means you can recruit volunteers using your PTA Events, Clubs Hub, Charity Hub, and PTO Events platforms to help you secure some great prizes.

The best way to conduct a raffle using your PTA Events website is to follow our easy-to-use guide:

  • Plan ahead and clearly define your goals, source attractive prizes, and organise your team to help recruit volunteers to help source great prizes and sell more tickets.
  • Utilise our UK compliant and easy to use raffle feature that enables you to create, manage, and run your fully automated event smoothly and legally.
  • Use the business directory to recruit local businesses and encourage community participation.
  • Using your PTA Events website enables you to make sure all participants are aware of the rules and that your event complies with UK legal requirements – all of this has been taken care of for you.
  • Log in to your PTA Events website today and browse to "Admin" > "Events" and then select "Add Event from Template"> "Raffle (Online)" to use our simple easy set up template system, and you’ll be up and running in no time.
  • To run a raffle legally in the UK:

  • Ensure that your event has a clear purpose and goal.
  • We have made this super easy for you and incorporated everything you need into our raffle feature.
  • We have engaged with a gambling law firm to help us to ensure that we are fully compliant with UK gambling legislation, and this includes automatically incorporating a skill-based question for all participants. With the correct answers being entered into the draw.
  • All you need to do now is to log in to your PTA Events website and follow the set-up instructions for your raffle.
  • We will automatically take care of all the necessary UK legal requirements.
  • We have even created your raffle terms and conditions which your participants must agree to before they purchase.
  • The need for a license depends on the nature and size of your raffle. Small, incidental lotteries do not require a license, just a registration with your local authority. If ticket sales are over £20,000 in a single lottery, or over £250,000 in a calendar year, you will require a lottery licence from the Gambling Commission. For more information click here

    Utilising PTA Events for your raffle helps ensure that you are following the correct procedures and abide by UK gambling laws.

    Introducing our new raffle feature, which is legally compliant with UK gambling regulations, means we have seamlessly embedded an automated skill question, and ensure only correct entries advance to the draw.

    While we have enhanced our system to offer this new service and full UK legal compliance, we’ve maintained our standard costs. The slight fee adjustment for raffles is solely to uphold our system to the latest legal UK compliance, assuring you get the best value possible across our platforms.

    All fees are automatically applied at checkout, making it easier for you to manage your organisations finances.

    When using our international platform, PTO Events, for organising a raffle, it is important to recognise that the service operates under UK regulations. As such, any raffle conducted via our platform is designed to comply with UK laws.

    PTA Events Limited and its associated brands are not responsible for ensuring that your use of our system complies with local laws applicable in your country or state.

    By choosing to use our service, you acknowledge and accept full liability for any legal discrepancies that may arise in your jurisdiction. It is your responsibility to ensure that the activities you conduct through our platforms are lawful in your local region.

    We expressly disclaim any liability in the event that our services are used for activities that may be considered illegal internationally.

    As a user, by registering on one of our platforms, you agree to indemnify PTA Events Limited and its brands against any legal actions that may occur as a result of such non-compliance.