Ideas on What Activities to Start Planning in February for Your PTA

As February unfolds, it’s the perfect time for PTAs to start planning a range of exciting and engaging events. From community-building activities to fundraising opportunities, this month is pivotal for setting the stage for the upcoming months. Let’s dive into the events that should be on your radar for planning in February.

Ideas on what activities to start planning in February for your PTA

1. Red Nose Day (15th March 2024)

Red Nose Day is a fantastic event to bring laughter and joy while supporting a good cause. Begin by sourcing red noses and planning fun activities that emphasise charity and community spirit. Consider hosting a comedy night, a dress-up day, or a bake sale with red-nose-themed treats. The key is to have fun while raising awareness and fundraising for your PTA.

2. Plant Sale (April)

An April Plant Sale is an excellent way to welcome spring. Start by connecting with local nurseries or gardening centres for plant donations. Organise a variety of plants for sale - from flowers to vegetables. You can also include gardening workshops or a ‘plant-a-seed’ station for kids. This event not only raises funds but also promotes environmental awareness.

3. Colour Run (May)

A Colour Run in May is a vibrant way to bring the community together. Start planning the route, sourcing safe, washable colour powders, and setting up registration. Encourage families to participate and consider adding fun stations along the route. The event is visually exciting and perfect for social media promotion, increasing your PTA’s visibility. Use your FREE and unique QR code in all your social media and on posters round the school to drive participation for your event.

4. Talent Show (May)

A Talent Show is a wonderful platform for pupils to showcase their skills. Begin by setting the date, arranging auditions, and organising rehearsals. Create some Buzz in your social media to drive word of mouth. Consider different categories to include various talents and age groups. This event not only raises funds through ticket sales but also fosters a sense of community and celebrates student achievements.

5. Father’s Day Event (June)

Father’s Day in June is a heartwarming opportunity to celebrate and involve fathers or father figures in school activities. Plan a special event like a breakfast, or "Bring a dad / granddad to school day", or a craft workshop where children can create gifts alongside the dads on the day.

6. Yearbook Sales (June)

June is the perfect time to kickstart your Yearbook Sales planning and organising, not least to start getting pictures from the last few years to include in the book. Begin working on the yearbook design and content plan in early February. Set up your book sales on your PTA Events platform now and start promoting it around the school and on social media. This not only ensures a smooth process but also serves as a cherished keepsake for pupils and parents.

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