A Guide to Planning Your Summer on PTA Events: Fundraising Ideas & Community Fun!

The summer is a busy time in the PTA community and there is no better moment to turn up the heat on your fundraising activities. Buckle up and see how you can make the sunny season, the best one yet for your PTA!

A Guide to Planning Your Summer on PTA Events: Fundraising Ideas & Community Fun!

Summer Raffle

Raffles (Online) are the latest feature we have introduced on platform and a fantastic way to boost your summer fundraising.

Why? Raffles not only raise funds for your community projects but also bring people together for a worthy cause.

Engage with your community

Try speaking to local businesses to see if they would be interested in donating prizes to your PTA in return for sponsorship at your event. This would help to build long term partnerships that would be advantageous for your community going forward.

Hint: For premium members or those looking to become one, creating long term partnerships could help you to monitise your platform via the sponsorships and business directory features. Use this FAQ to find out how.

At PTA Events, we have found that raffles succeed when they are run alongside other events - all of which can be organised safely and efficiently online, using the PTA Events platform.

Keep reading to see how a festival or fun day is the perfect opportunity!

Festival / Fun Day

Swap out traditional Summer Fairs for a Festival/Fun Day extravaganza! It’s an inclusive gathering that promises enjoyment for everyone involved.

Craft a captivating theme for your event to ignite the fundraising spirit in all attendees. Building excitement around a common theme fosters engagement and excitement.

Promote your event by using the QR codes that are auto-generated for every event and set up volunteering slots so that your community members can easily give their time to support your cause. To widen the scope of interest, consider inviting members of the local community to attend your event if it is being held in a public area.

Hint: Make it easy for your community to get involved with your fundraising by ensuring your PTA site is well populated with important event information. Removing the possibility of confusion or misinformation ensures that nobody misses out. For more help on editing events, check out this helpful FAQ.

So why not get started today!

Now that you have event ideas to get you started, chat to your committee and see how you can implement these fundraising suggestions into your summer calendar.

If you need any help with populating your PTA’s event calendar, check out our free annual planner for top tips that span the entire year!

Remember, we would love to see how you got on!

So why not tag us on social media to share your journey with us!

Why not go one step further?

We are on a mission to celebrate the achievements of the organisations using our platform and are reaching out to our registered PTAs to hear about their success stories. We would love for you to provide us with a testimonial about your experience using the PTA Events platform.

Click the survey link to find out how you can get involved

If you haven’t already, register for your very own PTA Events website today! Take your fundraising efforts to superhero status and make this summer one to remember.

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