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Easter Trail 2023 - View more information »

 02/04/2023 (Sun)  10:00 - 16:00  The Hayes Primary School, Kenley - CR8 5JN

 Sales end in on 31/03/2023 at 20:00

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Easter Trail entry
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Easter Trail 2023
10:00 - 16:00
The Hayes Primary School, Kenley

Your Committee
  • Steph Roach

    Steph Roach

  • Jayne Allen

    Jayne Allen
    (Vice Chair)

  • Lisa Castrechino

    Lisa Castrechino

  • Kerry Hartigan

    Kerry Hartigan

  • Nicola Thoroughgood

    Nicola Thoroughgood

    Shed Queen

  • Marisa Smith

    Marisa Smith
    (Auction Coordinators)

  • Alexia  Dupuishardy

    Alexia Dupuishardy
    (Nearly New Uniform)

  • Alesha Allen

    Alesha Allen

  • Penny Bayou

    Penny Bayou

  • Beth Brincat

    Beth Brincat

  • Clair Clark

    Clair Clark

  • Rebecca  Dash

    Rebecca Dash

  • Tanya  Dilley

    Tanya Dilley

  • Jo Durgan

    Jo Durgan

  • Alex Dyer

    Alex Dyer

  • Helen Foulser

    Helen Foulser

  • Lisa Gallagher

    Lisa Gallagher

  • Kat Garbutt

    Kat Garbutt

  • Giada Gray

    Giada Gray

  • Danni Harrington

    Danni Harrington

  • Melissa Histed

    Melissa Histed

  • Veryan Hole

    Veryan Hole

  • Katie Hyneman

    Katie Hyneman

  • Sharon Judd

    Sharon Judd

  • Samantha Kebble

    Samantha Kebble

  • Shameen Koleejan

    Shameen Koleejan

  • Dannielle MacMahon

    Dannielle MacMahon

  • Roisin McKenna

    Roisin McKenna

  • Shahpar Mitchelson

    Shahpar Mitchelson

  • Verity Morrish

    Verity Morrish

  • Christina  Murray-twinn

    Christina Murray-twinn

  • Clare O'Shea

    Clare O'Shea

  • Jennie Pacioni

    Jennie Pacioni

  • Olivia Palmer

    Olivia Palmer



  • Josephine Thompson

    Josephine Thompson

  • Jane Valdiserri

    Jane Valdiserri

  • Clare Weatherill

    Clare Weatherill

  • Lauren Winyard

    Lauren Winyard

  • Emma Woolgar

    Emma Woolgar

  • Amy Wright

    Amy Wright

  • Gillian Pearce

    Gillian Pearce
    (Website Coordinator)

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