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Unfortunately we don’t have any future events planned at the moment.

Your Committee
  • Jeni Kench

    Jeni Kench
    (Vice Chair)

  • Katie Stowell

    Katie Stowell

  • Rachel Harris

    Rachel Harris

  • Claire Burnell

    Claire Burnell
    (Event Coordinator)

  • Victoria Cocoracchio

    Victoria Cocoracchio
    (Planning Committee Member)

  • Emma Crittenden

    Emma Crittenden
    (Event Coordinator)

  • Seyhan Duman

    Seyhan Duman

  • Hayley Elson

    Hayley Elson

  • Kelly Malynn

    Kelly Malynn

  • Gillian Richards

    Gillian Richards

  • Samantha Smith

    Samantha Smith

  • Alice Solan

    Alice Solan

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Despite the huge difficulties and restrictions we all faced last year, together we raised over £19,000 for the children of HDPS. This was spent on, among other things, a wide variety of books, including new reading schemes and homework books for the whole school, mental health workshops, a programme of BYMT music lessons, and a theatre company performing a pantomime in Discovery and Explorers. This year, we would very much like to help provide more counselling and well-being support within the school, as well as improve IT resources as required, and be able to agree to ad hoc requests from staff.