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  • Shani Ellis

    Shani Ellis

  • Paula Lansley

    Paula Lansley
    (Vice Chair)

  • Karen Barlow

    Karen Barlow

  • Rachel Harris

    Rachel Harris

  • Rachel Bowley

    Rachel Bowley
    (Recycling Coordinator)

  • Seyhan Duman

    Seyhan Duman
    (Nearly New Uniform)

  • Karen Britton

    Karen Britton

  • Clair Brown

    Clair Brown

  • Jeni Kench

    Jeni Kench

  • Kelly Malynn

    Kelly Malynn

  • Amanda Pawson

    Amanda Pawson

  • Anna Jago

    Anna Jago
    (Website Coordinator)

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The PTA is raising money to fund a major upgrade for our school playground to include additional seating and improved play equipment. Also new and improved equipment for the ICT suite