Crowdfunding Campaigns

Crowdfunding Campaigns

From time to time, for big ticket items, we will ask for donations directly.

There are no live fundraisers right now, but our next one will be a partnership with the eco-council to raise funds for an Ivy green screen for the Francis Site, similar to the one we just installed on Lake site--when we go live, you'll know about it!

What’s on
Unfortunately we don’t have any future events planned at the moment.
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  • kira owen

    kira owen

  • Megan Pacey

    Megan Pacey

  • Rachel Carey

    Rachel Carey

  • Anna Rigby

    Anna Rigby

  • Kirsty Saddler

    Kirsty Saddler

  • Ally Griston

    Ally Griston
    (Planning Committee Member)

    Eco Officer

  • Garrett Mears

    Garrett Mears
    (Planning Committee Member)

  • ELENI wilde

    ELENI wilde
    (Planning Committee Member)

  • Kate Boydell

    Kate Boydell
    (Website Coordinator)

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