All about the DVIS PTFA

All about the DVIS PTFA


In the current circumstances, all our scheduled PTFA activity is suspended. When the lockdown is relaxed sufficiently that schools and kids activities can resume, well start up again in consultation with the school team. We hope well still be able to run some of our summer activities in some form, and will update current parents if that turns out to be the case. In the meantime, stay safe and stay well.


The DVIS Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA) exists to enrich the lives of our children in their early education, by supporting a sense of community and raising funds to develop the life and work of the school.

Last school year (2018-19) our school community of 270+ families, plus staff, governors, alumni and friends, raised more than 26,000 for the PTFA fund. 

All but a small reserve of these funds is poured straight into resources and activities that immensely enrich our school and community. For a snapshot of what's on right now, visit our website at 

We (+ you) should be proud of what weve raised. But we should be even more proud of how we raised it: We prioritize activities and events that bring us all together and we make them as inclusive as we possibly can, in the hope that this will create a truly strong and mutually supportive school community. 

All our events and projects are 100% volunteer powered (even the school staff who support us often do so generously on their own time.) Sometimes a question comes up: Why don't we just ask people to donate cash? We could indeed crowdfund, and sometimes (especially for major capital investments) we will. But if we only did this we would miss out on so much:

+ The huge enjoyment of sell-out events like the Christmas and Summer Fairs, the Family Disco and Easter egg Hunt, the Parents Party and Quiz Night

+ All the skills, ideas, talents and energy in our community that go far beyond money

+ The chance for our kids to see their beloved parents and carers become role models for the values and soft skills like creativity, resilience and team-work that we're trying to instill in them.  

If you're already involved, thank you.  If you're new to the school or to the PTFA, welcome! Read our FAQ for more on how it all works, and be sure to join our email list here so you don't miss out on tickets, reminders etc. (The school cannot share data with us owing to GDPR regulations).

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Unfortunately we don’t have any future events planned at the moment.

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